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About IRE

IRE is a robust real estate platform that equips brokerages with advanced CRM tools to efficiently manage all aspects of their operations. This comprehensive platform aids agents in optimizing their daily activities, improving overall productivity and operational efficiency in the competitive real estate market.



Following the acquisition of Boomtown, IRE grappled with significant integration challenges that disrupted their data systems.

Key issues included

  • A fragmented data environment due to merger complexities.
  • An immature data system lacking essential components and scalability.
  • Restricted access to critical data for analytics, leading to disjointed decision-making processes.
  • Reliance on manual processes and inconsistent data across different teams hindering efficient operations and strategic planning.



Aryng introduced a strategic overhaul of IRE's data management practices, implementing advanced technological solutions to address their challenges:

  • Single Source of Truth (SSOT): Developed a unified SSOT for over 300 key business metrics to ensure uniformity and accuracy across the organization.
  • Advanced Technology Deployment:
    • AWS S3 Data Lake: Implemented for scalable, secure, and cost-effective storage of vast amounts of raw data.
    • Tableau for Visualization: Utilized to provide advanced data visualization and dashboarding, facilitating interactive and insightful analytics.
  • Streamlined Integration and ETL Processes:
    • AWS AppFlow and AWS Glue: Employed to ensure seamless, secure data transfer and to automate the ETL processes, thereby reducing manual workload and simplifying data preparation.
    • Apache Airflow and Amazon Redshift: Used Apache Airflow for managing complex data workflows and Amazon Redshift Serverless for its fast query performance and scalability in data warehousing.
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Aryng's intervention followed a systematic approach:

  • Tech and Data Science Readiness Assessments: Initial assessments to gauge current infrastructures and pinpoint deficiencies.
  • Senior Leadership Engagement: Workshops with senior management to align strategic objectives with data capabilities.
  • Data Infrastructure Development: Building of a data lake for raw data integration, followed by the design and implementation of an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process to feed into an organized enterprise data warehouse (EDW).
  • KPI Standardization and Dashboard Development: Definition of critical metrics and development of custom dashboards in Tableau to monitor real-time data and facilitate agile decision-making.



The strategic data overhaul catalyzed profound impacts across IRE:

  • Operational Efficiency: Automated data processes significantly reduced manual labor and streamlined operations
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Access to real-time, reliable data via intuitive dashboards enabled quick, informed decisions.
  • Revenue Growth: Improved data insights led to optimized marketing strategies and operational adjustments, boosting profitability.
  • Cultural Transformation: Establishment of a data-driven culture within IRE enhanced team engagement and alignment.
  • Sustainable Change Management: Aryng’s involvement ensured that solutions were scalable and would grow with the company, preventing the need for reevaluations and fostering long-term growth.


IRE’s case exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic data management in real estate. With Aryng's expertise, IRE streamlined its operations and set a new standard for leveraging data to gain strategic advantage.

The engagement significantly improved the clarity and cohesion of strategic data usage across executive teams, fostering a unified approach to data-driven decision-making that is scalable and robust.

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