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Neha G, Aryng Trainee enrolled in Aryng's Analytics Career Transition program,did a live project with one of our clients as part of the program. She learnt a lot through the process, the experience boosted her self confidence and highly recommends Aryng's analytics career transition package!

James B, IMVU


"IMVU engaged with Aryng for strategic guidance on scaling and improving our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities...the Aryng team exhibited the experience and gravitas required to provide excellent feedback and actionable suggestions that we are using to drive powerful changes in the ways we collect, analyze and use data throughout the company."


- James B, VP - Engineering, IMVU Inc.

Anand V., Director of Marketing and Sales at Impetus Technologies, attended recent Business and Predictive Analytics Training and will be now be lot smarter as he advises his Big Data clients


Greg J., Senior Product Manager at IMVU, attended Aryng's Level-2: DTD 20X "Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and is a BIG fan as he learned critical skills while playing an analyst role during role-play exercises! 

Sudhir N., Principal Product Manager attended Aryng's Level-2: DTD 20X "Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and invites others to experience the journey from Data to Decisions


Ken B., Director of Engineering at IMVU, attended Aryng's Level-1 DTD 102 "Business Impact through Analytics" Workshop and found it to be a Big Win


Dan H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

Karanbir S., Senior BI Manager at IMVU, attended Aryng's Level-2: DTD 20X "Hands-on Business Analytics" Workshop and finds the workshop FANTANSTIC and particularly enjoyed the parts about driving impact in the organization through insights. 


Carol T, Senior Marketing Consultant attended Aryng's DTD 102 - Level 1 training and DTD 20X - Level 2 training and found the "BADIR" Business Process / Analytical Framework most important to do her job effectively  


Candace B., Senior Analytics operations Manager with PetPlace, attended recent Business and Predictive Analytics Training and found the structured approach to analytics very helpful towards actionable insights and reflect on one of her key takeaways that effective data analysis doesn't start with data! 


Ravikiran G., Data Scientist at IMVU, attended Aryng's Level-2: DTD 20X "Hands-on Business Analytics" Workshop and highly recommends the workshop specially the aspects of analyst skills sets and team work. 


Rishi Y., President & CEO, InfoObjects, a Big Data technology company, attended Aryng's DTD 102 - Level 1 training and DTD 20X - Level 2 training and found the training very useful towards making sense of the BIG data and takes away with him - insights on how to run marketing and campaigns  

Michael Sorenson, Data Scientist at Fortune 100 consumer Electronics Company,attended Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics Course and found the influencing and communication aspect covered in the workshop very useful.  

Philip Young, Consultant & Ex. MBA Professor, attended Aryng's DTD 102 - Level 1 training and DTD 20X - Level 2 training and found the training very refreshing and revealing, in that the training made the tools and techniques very accessible to all and takes away with him - real world examples from Online Retailing.  


Priti S., Senior Product Manager, from Franklin Templeton Investment , attended recent Predictive Analytics Training and really enjoyed the training as it was actionable and useful in business and takes away with her - how to use success metrics in A/B testing during her product development and launch .


Troy Seguin, Consulting Manager at InterRel Consulting, attended both Hands-on Business Analytics Training and Predictive Analytics Course. He found the analytics workshops fantastic as it not only delivered industry proven structured approach to analytics but also provided stake holder tools to drive impact in the organization.


Terri G, Management Professor at Santa Clara University, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training. She is very optimistic after attending the analytics workshops as it showed her the real power of analytics through case studies, which she hopes to take back to her students.

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"Aryng's self-paced, online training is a worthwhile substitute for the in-class experience. The training platform allows for a very engaging and varied learning experience through video lectures, short (informal) quizzes, and interactive screens to select your answers after completing the case studies/exercises, which are great for learning application. For each case study, the instructors carefully explain the data analysis methodologies and techniques they used to solve the business problem and quantify impact! Lastly, the lectures were recorded from a real class session and you can hear most of the insightful questions raised by the participants."
writes Marc D., Aryng trainee for Career Transition to Analytics, Federal Government , after taking Aryng's Business Analytics workshop online as part of their career transition.


"[This course is] Analytics On The Go for Business Professionals!"
writes Kailash, Product Manager, Jasper Wireless Inc., after attending Aryng's DTD workshop online

"Aryng's class provides great information on the business analytics processes, from the business question to final recommendation that I can apply in my analysis work."
writes Jianmin, Principal Manufacturing Analyst, Philip Morris USA Inc., after completing Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics workshop online.

“I left today MORE CONFIDENT than ever to CONQUER BIG DATA. Thank You!”
says Gines, Customer Success Manager, Box Inc., after attending Aryng's DTD 102 corporate workshop


"The Aryng workshop provided me with a framework for making better data-driven decisions”
says Clarissa M., Business Development Manager, Box Inc. after attending Aryng's DTD 102 corporate workshop


“I feel more comfortable with the concepts behind data-driven business decisions after taking [Aryng’s DTD 102] workshop”
- Ryan F., Innovation Specialist, Lean Taas Inc.

"The workshop was really wonderful - and your insights on how to keep the entire set of stake holders involved from the get go; were right on target.
But, I have to tell you, the material from the session today was over the top. And some of the information was stuff we already know, but was really displayed and demonstrated in such an actionable way - the "eye chart" which broke the Corporate Goal into the directly correlated actions was AWESOME. Additionally, the chart that broke the segments of Monetize, de-focus, clone, grow and showed them in a chart with separate action plans for each segment was again so Powerful. It was wonderful spending a little time with you and your team.

- Bob Berry, CEO, DPS Telecom

“I used the [Aryng’s Data Analytics] framework yesterday and it worked like a charm!  Thanks Aryng!”
- Luke S., Business Intelligence Tech Lead, Google


“I learned a lot today and feel more confident in my analytics abilities””
says Jin-Kyung K., Project Manager, Box Inc., after attending Aryng's DTD 102 corporate workshop


“I feel This training was great for me as I learned a structured approach in drafting right business questions, constructing an efficient analysis and data collection plan, and deriving actionable insights to aid the key business decisions. As being a ‘data’ guy assisting business leaders and key stake holders, I believe I can leverage the methodologies and practical techniques learned from this course to deliver results in a more concise and timely fashion and indeed I have started reaping out the benefits of this course already. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge base in Analytics area with a great learning opportunity from the senior experts in this field of study.”
- Ashok D, Business System Analyst, PayPal


“Great course to refresh Critical skills”
says Anurag Pandit, Product Manager, Box Inc., after attending Aryng's DTD 102 corporate workshop

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The hands on exercises were great. I found the training very useful specially in Extracting real Business question from the Users requirement, follow a framework for Analysis, laying out hypothesis and substantiating it with facts. Creating effective presentation and excellent tips for Excel. I am already using your framework to address and plan better the initiatives I am involved here. I can say that now whatever I am doing I am thinking through it in a more structured way. I highly recommend this training for my peers."
- Tauseef A., Data Analyst, eBay Inc.

"I liked the [inquiry to Real Business Question] framework a lot. My favorite part was the role-playing, as it made it clear how the questions we get are complex to even understand, and [without the framework] will require a lot of work to get to the "Real business question"”
- Erad F., Partner Technology Manager, Google

"Thank you for taking time for training us , sharing your Experiences and Best Practices it really helped me. I am sure BA & BSA’s would benefit from this Training. Structured approach , Framework , Hands on case simulation & Testing... are key takeaways for me."
- Anji K, Data Management Analyst, PayPal

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