Predictive Analytics Training and Predictive Modeling Training

Aryng provides industry proven framework on how to analyze data, derive insights, and then drive decisions based on those insights. We have done it at Fortune 100 companies; we can teach you how to do it as well! Your data can be sitting in any data tool, our recipe works irrespective of the data tools or the analysis tools.

Learn about differences between Predictive and Business Analytics here. You can take the Introduction to Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics and A/B Testing course here. Details of the complete hands-on business analytics training are here.

If you are an individual looking for data to decision training for yourself, check out Aryng's training and mentoring packages which include assessment, training, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, book, real-time projects etc

Upcoming live Hands-on Business Analytics workshop, April 13th - 14th, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA

Who is this training for?

Training for Analyst, BI Professionals, Marketing, Sales & Product Managers

Managers & Executives: Project leaders, directors, vice presidents, marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, finance managers and managers involved with data driven decision making

Analysts: Marketing analysts, product analysts, financial analysts and business analysts who want to be more effective in having an impact via data/ analysis

Technology experts: Data analysts, Engineers, BI directors, developers, DBAs, data warehousers, web analysts, and consultants who wish to extend their expertise to business/ predictive analytics.

Excerpts from a recent Predictive Analytics Workshop 


Our Introduction to Predictive Analytics Training workshop is for Executives, Managers, Analysts and Business Intelligence(BI) Professionals, who want to understand the power of Predictive Analytics. The workshop includes:

  1. Predictive Analytics Checklist (What it is/What it is not/ Why should you care)
  2. In depth Predictive Analytics Case Study from Fortune 100 companies
  3. Live model building and demo
  4. 3-steps on Test and Learn (and common pitfalls)

Today all leading organizations are rapidly gaining power by leveraging information to gain insights and drive the business. Business analytics delivers actionable insights – new interpretations and evaluations of business performance based on data and statistical methods. Predictive analytics on the other hand provide customer level behavior prediction to enable businesses like yours to deliver more relevant content to customers, improve response rate, improve retention and overall profitability of the company.


Predictive Analytics Training Workshop

This workshop is designed especially for decision makers, executives and managers; we make the complex world of Predictive Analytics and Test-and-learn approachable for business professionals so they can make sound analytics road-map decisions for their organization.

Key Take Aways
  1. Why is Predictive analytics important?
  2. What is Predictive Analytics? And most common terminologies.
  3. Overview of commonly used Predictive analytics techniques: Logistic Regression, Linear Regression and Decision Tree
  4. How to build a predictive model?
  5. Case Studies from Fortune 500 companies where predictive models were used to drive $100mm+ impact
  6. Checklist and Resources

Additionally, we cover Test-and-Learn techniques for decision makers and managers who would like to optimize their current marketing and sales spend, by launching successful A/B test thereby mitigating risks of bold decisions. Participants get an overview of test design, evaluating results in business terms and bottom lines, incorporating statistical significance and confidence intervals computation.

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At the Workshop


Attendees are asked to come with their own laptop with Microsoft Excel or equivalent software for hands-on group exercises and case study.

Attendees Receive:
  1. A course materials folder
  2. An official Certificate of Completion (at the conclusion of the workshop)
  3. Templates: Analysis Plan, Project Plan Template, effective Deck Template

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Troy Seguin, Consulting Manager at InterRel Consulting, attended Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and Introduction to Predictive Analytics Workshop. He found the workshops fantastic as it not only delivered industry proven structured approach to analytics but also provided stake holder tools to drive impact in the organization.

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