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Are you a Marketing Professional or a Product Manager interested in making data driven business decision, or an analyst looking to increase your impact in the organization, our self-paced, Online “Data to Decisions”™ analytics training can help you get there. You can also check out our packages for individuals, which includes aptitude test, mentoring sessions, real-time projects, business analytics book.

Online, Self-Paced Analytics and Test-and-Learn Courses
Business and Predictive Analytics Courses


Complete Business Analytics and Testing Training
for Marketing/Product Managers and Current/Future Analyst


Check out, Complete 'Hands-on Analytics and Testing' training Online Course Details or Enroll Here.



Complete Business Analytics Training
for Business Professionals and Current/Future Analyst


Check out, Complete Analytics training Online Course Details or Enroll Here.



Complete Testing Training
for Marketing/Product Managers and Current/Future Analyst


Check out, Complete 'Hands-on A/B Testing' training Online Course Details or Enroll Here.


Intro - Business Impact through Analytics Course


Check out, DTD 102 Online Course Details or Enroll Here.

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FREE Online Keynotes
Online Analytics Talks and Keynotes

How do organizations transition from Business Intelligence to Business Impact


In this keynote, Piyanka Jain, President & CEO of Aryng talks about the journey of an organization from being data savvy to leveraging data as a competitive advantage. What is needed first, as the organization moves towards analytics maturity? Is it data, is it infrastructure, is it process to make decisions based on data, is it analytical talent, is it leadership groomed to be data-driven? What is stopping you and your organization right now, to leverage data to make better decision and capture the ROI?

From this talk, you walk away with clear understanding of how to take your organization as it stands now, quantify the analytics maturity and know what to do next, to move towards leveraging data as an asset.

More details can be found on Piyanka's Forbes blog post: What is your Organization's Analytics Maturity? You can also download the Analytics Maturity Quotient™ (AMQ)™ white paper to do a self assessment of your own organization.  


BADIR framework delivers $120K incremental to a $1 Million business


In this keynote, Piyanka Jain, President & CEO of Aryng talks about how leading organizations are successfully overcoming the challenges with turning the mountains of data Google Analytics or other web analytics tools can deliver into valuable decisions that drive positive business results using BADIR: the 5-steps Analytics Framework.

From this talk, you walk away with clear understanding of what it takes to go from a simple ask, to pulling the right data, doing analysis, generating insights and turn those insights into actionable recommendations.

More step-by-step details on this analysis can be found in BADIR™: 5-steps from “Data to Decisions”™ white paper.

Online Course Registration

DTD 102 certificate


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During the Workshop


Attendees need a laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel or equivalent software for exercises.

Attendees Receive

DTD 302 certificate

  1. An official Certificate of Completion (at the conclusion of each sub part of the training) with your name and instructor signature delivered to your email.

  2. Calculators: Test of Significance and Sample size calculators
  3. Unlimited access for 3 months: Go back, pause, take notes, as many time as you like for 3 months.
  4. FREE - monthly 1 hour mentoring discussion - live on phone, with senior Aryng trainers, for 3 months. Details will be sent to you once you have completed the course

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What past attendees have said?

Feras Alhlou, President of E-nor, a premium Google Analytics reseller and consulting company endorses Aryng's Data Analytics Training.

"Thank you for taking time for training us , sharing your Experiences and Best Practices it really helped me. I am sure BA & BSA’s would benefit from this Training. Structured approach , Framework , Hands on case simulation & Testing... are key takeaways for me."
- Anji K, Data Management Analyst, PayPal


Michael Sorenson, Data Scientist at Apple Inc., attended Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and found the influencing and communication aspect covered in the workshop very useful.  

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The hands on exercises were great. I found the training very useful specially in Extracting real Business question from the Users requirement, follow a framework for Analysis, laying out hypothesis and substantiating it with facts. Creating effective presentation and excellent tips for Excel. I am already using your framework to address and plan better the initiatives I am involved here. I can say that now whatever I am doing I am thinking through it in a more structured way. I highly recommend this training for my peers."
- Tauseef A., Data Analyst, eBay Inc.

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Looking to upgrade your 'Data to Decisions'TM skills? You can sign up for Aryng's Online analytics training today. These courses are self paced, can be taken any time at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office. The courses are

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  4. Complete Hands-on Business Analytics and Testing Training
  5. Complete Hands-on Predictive Analytics Training

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