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Podcast: Piyanka Jain on How to Make the Right Business Decisions with Data Analysis
AMACOM, January 5, 2015
There’s a common misconception that business analytics has to be complicated. But if non-tech business professionals are able to incorporate simple data analysis into their day-to-day ...

Growth Hacking episode with Piyanka Jain
Growth Hacker TV, August 16, 2014
Piyanka teaches us the simple questions that unlock the potential of data and analytics. If you have ever tracked anything then you need this episode. ...

Piyanka Jain , CEO of Aryng recognized as Top 4 Women in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Plotting Success, January 15, 2014
Yet another feather in Aryng's CEO, Piyanka Jain's hat as she gets recognized by Plotting Success as one of the top influencer in the world of BI and Analytics ...

Aryng Announces Analytics Consulting Offerings
The Wall Street Journal, July 27 2012
Aryng bolsters its value proposition for corporations looking to make big decisions leveraging Big Data by formalizing its Analytics Consulting Offerings ...

Could Analytics Have Preempted Colorado Theatre Shootout?
Yahoo! News, July 26 2012
Could Predictive Analytics be leveraged to identify troubled individuals with violent proclivity and thus preempt mass killings like recent Colorado theatre shootout? ...

Aryng Launches Analytics Maturity Benchmark Study Towards Big Data
Yahoo! News, June 29 2012
In order to facilitate an organization's journey towards monetization of Big Data opportunities, Aryng has launched a global AMQ survey that would help ...

What is Your Organization's Analytics Maturity?
Forbes, June 22 2012
What is the difference between gaming giant – Electronic Arts, and relatively newer game changer – Zynga? Zynga’s CEO and founder – Mark Pincus, recently talked with D10 about Zynga’s major strength – innovative decision making guided by analytics ...

Aryng Concludes Another Successful Workshop, May 22 2012
Aryng ( conducts “Business Impact through Analytics” Workshop with a variety of industry professionals in attendance. Gathered around the table in the conference room of "The Decathlon Club" this Friday was a friendly group of professionals with a wide range of careers. From CEO’s to MBA students, all were in attendance to learn more about the growing use of business and predictive analytics. 

Piyanka Jain of Aryng to Speak at Data Science Summit 2012 - Las Vegas
San Francisco Chronicle, May 18 2012
Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of Aryng to present "Navigating the Road from Business Intelligence to Data Science: Trials and Triumphs" at this year's ...

The Top Myths of Predictive Analytics
B-EYE-Network, May 14 2012
Predictive analytics is a powerful method used by organizations to predict future events and behavior in order to optimize ...

Analytics Unravels Inconsistent Consumer Behavior!
Forbes, May 10 2012
A lesson in Behavioral Economics will tell you that consumers don’t always practice what they preach. So what better reason for product marketers than that, to make testing a key phase in their product life cycle. ...

The Power of non-Predictive Analytics!
Forbes, May 1 2012
Analytics has hit mainstream with most business professionals having heard of analytics; especially the cooler part of Analytics- called Predictive Analytics (PA) with the ability to predict a behavior, or an event. Recent New York Times (NYT) article How companies learn your secret by ...

Five Steps For Making Data-Driven Decisions
Forbes, April 20 2012
Data-driven decision making requires careful coordination between analysts and stakeholders, says Aryng CEO Piyanka Jain. (Photo credit: s_w_ellis) Piyanka ...

Analytics is Rocket Science!
Forbes, April 19 2012
Well that’s what they want you to believe! The word Analytics does conjure up an image of a long complex equation from a statistics class, but analytics as applied to business is not that complex. ...

Best Analytics Approach: Holmes vs. Columbus
All Analytics, April 16 2012
Imagine you are a quality manager at a solar cell manufacturing line, and you have just received a note from your testing group that the last batch produced had an alarming rate of low-efficiency product....

Amplify your data career with analytics
The Knowledge Exchange, April 5 2012
Many people think analytics is about gathering data using software tools and creating dashboards and reports. However, analytics is much more. Analytics goes beyond data; its primary goal is to enable business decisions based on that data ...

Aryng's Training amplifies Big Data Analytics Tools and Services ...
SF Gate, March 28, 2012
Aryng's training is gaining momentum with Big Data Analytics sales and marketing professionals, who are looking to not only optimize their client targeting ...

Predictive Analytics Myths Busted
Virtual Strategy Magazine, March 22 2012
Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of Aryng, took to stage at Predictive Analytics World and shared the top myths of Predictive Analytics.

How BI and Data Analytics Gurus Used Twitter in February
Smart Data Collective, March 8, 2012
Best Twitter Handle – @AnalyticsQueen – Also known as Piyanka Jain and CEO/co-founder of Aryng, a San Francisco analytics training company, this queen of ...

Anna Brown, Editor at SAS interviews Piyanka Jain
The Knowledge Exchange, March 7 2012
Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of, shares common myths of predictive analytics, discusses analytics skill gaps, and the importance of company culture in this video interview...

Creating a Data-Driven Culture in an Organization - Interview with Piyanka Jain ...
Online Behavior, March 5 2012
"The leadership uses analytics as a way to support their decisions. To me, that's not necessarily data-driven." In a corporation, it is important to build a ...

Preparing Yourself for the Analytics Job Tsunami
B-EYE-Network, February 5, 2012
by Piyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng McKinsey Global Institute's report on big data predicts that by 2018, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million business ...

Aryng's Business Analytics Training Serves the Big Data Analytics ..., February 3, 2012
Aryng announces its next analytics workshop for business professionals to be held in San Francisco, February 22-24 th . This unique workshop directly ...

Big Data Explosion Evident in Analytics Workshops
Infoboom, February 1 2012
Aryng, an analytics training company, is addressing the worsening dearth of qualified talent in the analytics field by holding a workshop designed to give ...

Business and Predictive Analytics Training for Professionals, January 27 2012
Aryng (A-ring), a San Francisco based analytics training company, has announced its first public analytics training workshop in the Bay Area for business ...


Conference Presentations

What past attendees have said?

Feras Alhlou, President of E-nor, a premium Google Analytics reseller and consulting company endorses Aryng's Data Analytics Training.

"Thank you for taking time for training us , sharing your Experiences and Best Practices it really helped me. I am sure BA & BSA’s would benefit from this Training. Structured approach , Framework , Hands on case simulation & Testing... are key takeaways for me."
- Anji K, Data Management Analyst, PayPal


Michael Sorenson, Data Scientist at Fortune 100 consumer Electronics Company,attended Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and found the influencing and communication aspect covered in the workshop very useful.  

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The hands on exercises were great. I found the training very useful specially in Extracting real Business question from the Users requirement, follow a framework for Analysis, laying out hypothesis and substantiating it with facts. Creating effective presentation and excellent tips for Excel. I am already using your framework to address and plan better the initiatives I am involved here. I can say that now whatever I am doing I am thinking through it in a more structured way. I highly recommend this training for my peers."
- Tauseef A., Data Analyst, eBay Inc.

Past Keynotes

  • GAUGE Conference
  • Oct 18th 2011, New York City, NY
  • Web Analytics Keynote: “Data to Decisions™”

  • In this keynote you’ll discover how leading organizations are successfully overcoming the challenges with turning the mountains of data Google Analytics or other web analytics tools can deliver into valuable decisions that drive positive business results using the 5-steps Analytics Framework.
  • To learn more, download our 5-step Analytics Framework white-paper today!

  • Predictive Analytics World Conference
  • Oct 19th 2011, New York City, NY
  • Case Study: "Putting Predictive Analytics in Biz Context"

  • In this case study, you will learn that analytics generates its greatest value when a certain line-up of best practices is performed, ranging from gross intelligence to a more detailed understanding. This is achieved with a "three pillar" analytical approach: [Measurement Framework, Portfolio Analysis, and Customer Analysis]. In this 1 hour session, we will cover these components in detail, along with the tools and techniques required and gotchas to look out for.
  • To learn more, download our 3-Pillar Analytics approach white-paper today!

  • TDWI World Conference Series
  • Nov 1st 2011, Orlando, FL
  • Big Data Keynote: "Putting Analytics in Biz Context";

  • Whether you have structured data or unstructured Big Data, analytics generates its greatest value when a certain line-up of best practices is performed, ranging from gross intelligence to a more detailed understanding. This is achieved with a "3 Pillar Analytics Value Chain” framework.

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