Level 1 - "Data to Decision"™ Exec series
DTD 101: "Data-Driven Executive" Analytics Workshop (half-day)

April 5th, 8:30AM - 12:00PM, Santa Clara, CA    (FULL and CLOSED, Email us if you are interested in future executive round tables)

Who is the business analytics and predictive analytics workshop for?


Are you an executive?

  • - CEO or GM?
  • - Chief Product Officer or VP of Product?
  • - CMO or VP of Marketing?
  • - CIO, CTO, VP of Engineering or VP of Data Platform, who support Product and Marketing group's data need
  • Have you spent millions in analytics consulting and tools and still not seeing the Analytics ROI from your investment?

Do you truly want to compete on analytics? Do you want to run a data-driven org? If so,

  1. Is your team trained to make the best decisions leveraging data?
  2. Do you think your customer conversion is as optimized as it can be?
  3. Do you feel like you/your team is asking the right questions of your data?
  4. Do you know, if your team is working on the right product feature? Do you have the product insights to make products which delight your customers?
  5. Is your team able to launch successful test with conclusive results to optimize Marketing ROI?
  6. Do you feel like you are maximizing traffic on your website?

If you have answered, "No" to one or more of the questions above, then, this workshop is the best 1/2-day investment you can make to start getting the bang for your “data investment” buck.?  In this workshop, we share with you our proven analytics framework that unifies and trains your stakeholders to maximize ROI.  We help B2C companies like yours generate greater revenue from less marketing spend and lower your customer acquisition cost by training your team on how and what to ask of your data to gain the greatest business outcomes.

Analytics Workshop Description

Almost every organization today can vouch for the multi-million dollar Big Data investment, but very few are truly getting the ROI on their analytics investment. Why is it so? If you are an executive looking to understand the power of analytics and how you, your department and your company can get the ROI from the data asset you have, then this is the course for you.

Aryng, is the world's first analytics consulting company, vested in in-sourcing analytics for your organization through assessment and capability development. But before we can come in and make that transformation, we need to lay the ground work of analytics landscape, what's possible through change in process, what is the true power of marketing analytics and product analytics, what role do you as a CEO, CMO or CPO play in truly leveraging analytics. For that, we invite you to join us for this 3-hour session. What we hope to leave you with, at the end of the session is a clear understanding of how data and analytics help you compete, make smarter decisions and what transformation is needed within your organization to truly see the power of evidence-based decisions.

Additionally, if you are interested in giving your product and marketing team the necessary skills, to leverage insights driven decisions in their day-to-day work flow, send them to our Data to Decisions week- Hands-on Training in Analytics and Testing, April 15-19.


Excerpts from Big Data Summit, 2012 

Key Take Aways
  1. Beyond the buzz, what is Analytics? Why should I care?
  2. How to compete on Analytics by putting analytics into business context.
  3. How are other leading organizations leveraging data and Analytics?
  4. Where is my organization in its Analytics Maturity and what are the biggest gaps?


Fee: $595
(Take $100 OFF, register by 22nd March 2013)

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Consulting Engagement Testimonials ...

James B, IMVU business analytics specialist


"IMVU engaged with Aryng for strategic guidance on scaling and improving our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities...the Aryng team exhibited the experience and gravitas required to provide excellent feedback and actionable suggestions that we are using to drive powerful changes in the ways we collect, analyze and use data throughout the company."


- James B, VP - Engineering, IMVU Inc.

Workshop Registration

Venue - Decathlon Club

3250 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051

10 mins drive from San Jose Airport (SJC) and

40 mins drive from San Francisco Airport (SFO).

At the Workshop

Schedule: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Breakfast & Networking starts at 8:30am
Workshop begins at 9:00am
• Coffee Break: 10:30 - 10:45am
End of the Workshop: 12:00pm

Attendees Receive:
  1. A course materials folder
  2. An official Certificate of Completion
  3. DIY AMQ survey
  4. A day pass to enjoy the luxurious Decathlon Club

For more information about this workshop:
Contact Dino Kazos-

1.408.412.7279 x 6

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"The workshop was really wonderful - and your insights on how to keep the entire set of stake holders involved from the get go; were right on target.
But, I have to tell you, the material from the session today was over the top. And some of the information was stuff we already know, but was really displayed and demonstrated in such an actionable way - the "eye chart" which broke the Corporate Goal into the directly correlated actions was AWESOME. Additionally, the chart that broke the segments of Monetize, de-focus, clone, grow and showed them in a chart with separate action plans for each segment was again so Powerful. It was wonderful spending a little time with you and your team.

- Bob Berry, CEO, DPS Telecom

Daniel H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

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Piyanka analytics professional
Piyanka Jain,
President & CEO

Piyanka has 15 years of analytics and entrepreneurial experience with cumulative business impact of $120m+. Before founding Aryng, she was the "Head of Business Analytics" at PayPal - NA. She is also a regular Keynote Speaker at Business and Analytics conferences. Full profile»

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