Level 1-3: "Data to Decision"™ Boot Camp
Aryng's Data to Decisions Week: Learn Analytics and Testing (Hands-on)

April 15th - 19th, Santa Clara, CA    (CLOSED)

This course is closed for registration. To start your learning today, take the level-1 course online here.Once you have completed the level-1 course, you would get access to level-2 and level-3 courses online.

Who is the analytics and testing workshop series for?

Workshop for Product and Marketing Managers

- Are you a product, marketing or operations manager? Or an analyst or data scientist supporting product, marketing or operations functions?

- Do you have tons of questions about your customer and products, how your customers use your product, what drives their engagement?

- Do you have to make decisions without much insights because 80% of your analytics request doesn't get prioritized?

- Would you like to learn how to improve your Marketing ROI?

- Would you like to learn how to make a solid business case?

- Would you like to learn how to influence your senior management - persuasion by numbers?

- Would you like to learn how to figure out the 20 most important metrics to run and manage your product or marketing campaign?

It is time to learn, how to use this precious data yourself. It is time, to derive insights and drive smarter data-driven decisions. It is time to learn, how you can innovate and discover new product feature using A/B testing. It is time for you to invest 5 days of your time, to turn yourself into Super-Hero product managers and marketing managers, those who everybody else around turns to, when in need.

Past attendee titles include: Senior Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Consultant, Head - Customer Insights, Manager, Customer Experience, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Consultant, Chief Economist, Senior Marketing Operations Manager, CEO, Director of Marketing and Sales ...

BI Professionals, Data Scientist and Analytics professionals

BI and data professionals who support Product and Marketing groups find it most useful to attend this workshop along side the product and marketing folks to be able to deliver more than just data. They learn how they can deliver insights to their counter parts effectively so those insights drive business impact. Past attendee titles include: Director of Predictive Analytics, Senior Analyst, Finance Manager, Senior Analytics Manager, Data Analyst, BI Manager, Director of Engineering, Senior Data Scientist, IT Manager

Those who attend Aryng's DTD week also get 3 months of FREE mentorship via monthly mentorship call, so your education continues after those 5 days.


To improve success rate of your analytics project, get your leaders on the same page via our half-day Data-driven executive workshop, April 5th, Santa Clara, California.

DTD Week Description

Today leading organizations are rapidly gaining advantage by leveraging data to gain valuable insights and drive the business. Business analytics delivers actionable insights – new interpretations and evaluations of business performance based on data using simple yet powerful statistical techniques: Aggregate Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Trend Analysis and Sizing Analysis.

Many leading organizations are also utilizing test-and-learn methodology to quickly test hypothesis around product and feature usage, learning from the behavior observed and rolling out the winner. Effective Test-and-learn delivers competitive advantage to the organization by rapid prototyping and quick low risk tests before a full roll out.

Business Analytics and Testing for Product and Marketing Managers is the focus for the Data to Decisions week.

Level1- April 15th: DTD 102 - Business Impact through Analytics (Intro)

Level2- April 16th -17th: DTD 20X - Hands-on Business Analytics

Level3 - April 18th - 19th: DTD 302 - Hands-on Test-and-Learn (A/B testing)


On day 1, learn the fundamentals of analytics, establish common analytics vernacular and fundamentals of Predictive Analytics and Testing.

Day 2-3 (Hands-on Business Analytics), focuses of Business Analytics, hands-on, to give business professionals a tool, a recipe to glean insights from data and drive impact. This is done using Aryng's proprietary BADIR framework.



The BADIR framework takes the business professional on a journey that begins with a business question, proceeds to core analysis, and concludes by deriving insights and making an impact. The framework has 2 parallel tracks- Blue track is the technical track, towards insights. Green track covers the business and soft skills of decision making using data. Together they complete the process of Analytics, which doesn't just stop at insights but extends into decisions, into actions and ultimately $'s.

On the technical side, the course covers (1) Aggregate analysis - average, standard deviation, variance, error, z-score, confidence interval (2) Correlation Analysis - Pearson's Coefficient, cross tabs (3) Trend Analysis (4) Sizing and Estimation. All the analysis is done using widely available Microsoft Excel, and the course also covers primer on excel.

Day-3 culminates with a case simulation where participants work in their groups to solve a business problem starting from an inquiry to making a pretension in front of the class with definitive answers and recommendations towards the business problem.

Day 4-5 (Hands-on Test-and-learn), takes you on a journey that begins with a business question, proceeds to test plan and design, proper data collection, deriving insights from the test and concludes by making an impactful presentation.


The 5-day agenda also covers approaches to communicating analytical findings, influencing senior management and cross functional team, delivering powerful presentations, and best practices to build impactful KPI dashboards. Examples, hands-on exercises, case study and templates empower attendees to return to their organizations with the processes and toolkit that ensures they are ready to approach any test-and-learn problem and drive towards impact.

Key Take Aways
  1. A proven approach to driving decisions based on data using BADIR 5-steps Analytics Framework. Learn analysis techniques and effective influencing and cross-functional skills to convert those insights to impact all using Excel.
  2. Learn to calibrate your organization’s Analytics Maturity using AMQ™ framework.
  3. Learn how to make a successful business case for a new product/feature launch with limited historical data. Also learn to effectively present it to peers and management.
  4. Learn how to plan and launch successful tests (A/B testing) with conclusive results.
  5. How to get impactful KPI Dashboard / meaningful metrics to run your Product or Marketing department with.
  6. Learn how to focus your organization on the Big Rock and prioritize between different projects- using "3 Key Question" framework.


Fee: $4199 (Registration for all 5 Days - Analytics + Testing)
(Take $300 OFF, register by 1st April 2012)



Only interested in Analytics, registering for first 3-days here.

Fee: $2595 (Registration for first 3 Days - Analytics)
(Take $200 OFF, register by 1st April 2012)

If you are only interested in April 18th - 19th: DTD 302 - Hands-on Test-and-Learn (A/B testing), click here.


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To learn more about BADIR framework, watch this keynote below!


BADIR framework delivers $120K incremental to a $1 Million business


Excerpts from Big Data Summit, 2012 

Workshop Registration

Venue - Decathlon Club

3250 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051

10 mins drive from San Jose Airport (SJC) and

40 mins drive from San Francisco Airport (SFO).

At the Workshop


Attendees are asked to come with their own laptop with Microsoft Excel or equivalent software for group exercises.

Schedule: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Breakfast & Networking starts at 8:30am
Workshop begins at 9:00am
• Coffee Break: 10:30 - 10:45am
• Lunch: 12:15 - 1:00pm
• Coffee Break: 2:30 - 2:45pm
End of the Workshop: 4:30pm

Attendees Receive:

DTD 102 Analytics Workshop certificate

DTD 20X Course Notes

  1. An official Certificate of Completion
  2. Course materials folder
  3. Templates: Business Question, Analysis Plan, Project Plan Template, Effective Deck Template
  4. Calculators: Test of Significance and Sample size calculator
  5. Those who attend Aryng's DTD week, receive mentoring membership for next 3 months - FREE. Mentoring calls are scheduled 1st Friday of every month, 9:30-10:30 PST.

For more information about this workshop:
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1.408.412.7279 x 2

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Daniel H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

Carol T, Senior Marketing Consultant attended Aryng's DTD 102 - Level 1 training and DTD 20X - Level 2 training and found the "BADIR" Business Process / Analytical Framework most important to do her job effectively  

Greg J., Senior Product Manager at IMVU, attended Aryng's Level-2: DTD 20X "Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and is a BIG fan as he learned critical skills while playing an analyst role during role-play exercises! 

Candace B., Senior Marketing Manager with PetPlace, attended DTD 20X Business Analytics Training and found the structured approach to analytics very helpful towards actionable insights and reflects on one of her key takeaways that effective data analysis doesn't start with data! 

More testimonials here ...


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