Data doesn’t speak, it responds. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. The journey from data to decisions is sometimes a long one, funny thing is, it does not start from data… it starts way before, it starts from understanding what you may want from the data; what it is that you want to drive from the data.Real Business Question

Often people think data speaks, it may, more often than not, it doesn’t. Data responds. It responds to questions. Questions we ask which are relevant for us to drive our business. Questions we have arrived based on our strategic priorities and goals. So the first step from data to decisions is identifying the “real Business Question”.

What are the attributes of the real business question? How would you know you have the real business questions? Well, does your question pass this test..

  1. Is the answer to the question, actionable?
  2. Would different answers to that question lead to different actions/decisions for your business?
  3. Has something triggered that question?
  4. Would answering that question make any difference to your business?

So before you start torturing the data to speak, identify the real “Business Question” to ask the data.

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