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Aryng's Data Analytics Training Empowers Business Professionals & Analysts

Aryng’s data analytics training crystallizes our years of experience and our unique proprietary knowledge, not only about how to do analytics to generate insights but, even more importantly, how to take those insights to impact through softer skills of communication and influencing. With our proven expertise, customized analytics classes and consulting solutions in Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics and Testing, we can help you/your team drive business decisions based on your data.

Aryng's Data Analytics Training
Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Web Analytics, Test & Learn, Marketing Analytics

Aryng provides “tool independent analytics recipe” of how to drive decisions based on data. In most organizations, User and System interactions are collated from multiple sources in Data Tools like Teradata, Oracle, SAP or they are federated using Hadoop Big Data systems. Data can then be accessed directly from these systems or can be effectively rendered through tools like Micro Strategy, Business Object, Cognos, Excel etc. Web Analytics tools like Omniture and Google Analytics are powerful hosted data systems where aggregate data can be rendered and visualized.

A lot of organizations have well implemented and effectively scaled data tools which can give access to real time data in a matter of seconds. These are rendered in the form of reports, dashboards or raw data needing to be analyzed. Today, because of the data explosion, there are reports and dashboards everywhere. And because of this explosion, the information contained in each individual data set is smaller and smaller. As a result, deriving information from data is becoming more and more tricky. Most organizations now have well trained users of analytics tools like SAS , SPSS , R, Excel etc however without formal training in analytics, a lot of analytics projects lead to low or no impact in the organization.

Aryng training provides participants (both business professionals and analyst) hands-on expereince in industry proven BADIR framework. This framework enables participants with an efficient recipe of how to analyze data, derive insights, and then drive decisions based on those insights. We have done it at Fortune 100 companies; we can teach you how to do it as well! Your data can be sitting in any data tool, our recipe works irrespective of the data tools or the analysis tools.

We have 3 levels of analytics courses:

LEVEL 1 - "Data to Decisions" Intro Series: Introductory analytics courses to give participants an idea of the power of analytics and the landscape

LEVEL 2 - "Data to Decisions" Boot Camps: Hands-on analytics courses customzied by job functions to give professionals tools and techniques to start converting data into insights and decisions

LEVEL 3 - "Data to Decisions" Intensives: Hands-on advanced analytics courses for Analysts, Data Scientist and BI professionals looking to gets hands-on expereince in Predictive Analytics and Test-and-Learn

We believe in enabling, empowering and developing people; and delivering value to our stakeholders/ customers. Register for one of Aryng's analytics workshops today!


Troy Seguin, Consulting Manager at InterRel Consulting, attended both Hands-on Business Analytics Training and Predictive Analytics Training. He found the workshops fantastic as it not only delivered industry proven structured approach to analytics but also provided stake holder tools to drive impact in the organization.

Danial H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

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We believe in the power of Analytics, we can help

- Business Professionals make better Data driven Business Decisions.

- Data Professionals make better Business Driven Data Decisions

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