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We believe in structured hypothesis-driven analytics approach for quick insights and strong business impact. All of our projects have one common objective – How do we get our customers the biggest bang for the buck! When companies need fast insight and quick turn-around, they call on us!

There are four major areas within our consulting practice.

Assessment and Benchmarking

Our Assessment and Benchmarking services help our clients better understand where they are at and help us lay a clear path for success for them. Topics for assessment includes:

  1. Analytics Maturity Assessment and Benchmarking (read more in this Forbes Article)
  2. Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) Assessment - Skills and process assessment
  3. Project level assessment: If an organization is not getting the ROI on their analytics investment, we can help pinpoint the gaps and lay out a clear plan of action

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting practice is all about solving our client’s current pain with the best data-driven solution, from road-map, strategy to building models. Our past strategic consulting projects include:

  1. Helping a Fortune 500, Head of Product, identify incremental revenue stream by unearthing a need for a new product
  2. Enabling a Fortune 100 Sales organization leverage internal data to make better deal negotiation
  3. Supporting a financial service CMO understand why their customers are churning through building a predictive churn model
  4. Expanding a Big data IT company’s offering to their clients with empowering the engineering team on how to do analytics
  5. Helping a major consumer brand CIO define their analytics strategy and road-map

Build the Analytics Team

For companies just getting into the analytics space, looking to establish their own COE, we offer recruitment services to find, screen, interview and train to get you up and running fast! Depending on your need, we can help with:

  1. Analytics Road-map: Lay out the analytics road-map for your organizations and identify skills needed
  2. Candidate Interviews and Selection: Find, screen and interview candidates based on skills identified
  3. Executive Recruitment and screening: Help you find the ideal "Head of Analytics" candidate
  4. Training: Train the existing employees and new hires based on skills needed and gaps identified

Ask the Expert

Our "Ask the Expert" services help our clients get quick answers with a few hours of our consultants time without contract and SOW. Contact us with your specific need and please indicate your available time slots.

What our clients say?

James B, IMVU

"IMVU engaged with Aryng for strategic guidance on scaling and improving our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities...the Aryng team exhibited the experience and gravitas required to provide excellent feedback and actionable suggestions that we are using to drive powerful changes in the ways we collect, analyze and use data throughout the company."

- James B, VP - Engineering, IMVU Inc.

Troy Seguin, Consulting Manager at InterRel Consulting, attended Aryng's Hands-on Business Analytics Workshop and Introduction to Predictive Analytics Workshop. He found the workshops fantastic as it not only delivered industry proven structured approach to analytics in an easily digestible way but also provided stake holder tools to drive impact in the organization through analytics.


Danial H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Introduction to Predictive Analytics Workshop and found the experience phenomenal!  

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Our Clients

Past client logos: Google, eBay, PayPal, Citi, USAA, Microsoft, Apple, EA, SAP, Staples, IBM ...


We believe in the power of Analytics, we can help

- Business Professionals make better Data driven Business Decisions.

- Data Professionals make better Business Driven Data Decisions

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