Aryng (Aring) is an Analytics Training and Consulting Firm Based in Silicon Valley.

Aryng’s data analytics training and consulting practice crystallizes our years of experience and our unique proprietary knowledge, not only about how to do analytics to generate insights but, even more importantly, how to take those insights to impact through softer skills of communication and influencing.

Analytics Training
Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Web Analytics, Test & Learn, Marketing Analytics

With our proven expertise, customized analytics courses and training programs in Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics and Testing, we can help your team drive business decisions based on your data. We have trained:
Marketing & Sales Professionals to understand and engage their customers using insights from data!
Analyst to be more effective in bridging the gap to business and produce impact in the organization!
Product Managers design and launch better products and customer experience using data and structured problem solving.
“Wanna-be Analysts” on effective and efficient analytics techniques with business and interpersonal skills to create impact through analytics.

Aryng provides industry proven "tool independent analytics" framework on how to analyze data, derive insights, and then drive decisions based on those insights. We have done it at Fortune 100 companies; we can teach you how to do it as well! Your data can be sitting in any data tool, our recipe works irrespective of the data tools or the analysis tools.

The common outcomes of our Analytics training are

  1. Better data-driven decisions
  2. Better utilization of analytics resources (tools and people)
  3. Increase in ROI through increased revenue, decreased spend

To learn more about our approach to analytics, download one of our white-papers today!

We believe in enabling, empowering and developing people; and delivering value to our stakeholders/ customers. Register for one of Aryng's data analytics training workshops today!

Analytics Consulting
Assessment and Benchmarking, Strategic Consulting, Recruiting and Expert Bench

Our analytics consulting solutions provides high ROI to organizations with our structured hypothesis-driven analytics approach for quick insights and strong business impact.

While your team is ramping up, we start converting data within your organization into golden nuggets, faster than you have ever seen before, using our proprietary “Data to Decisions”™ framework.

We believe in structured hypothesis-driven analytics approach for quick insights and strong business impact. All of our projects have one common objective – How do we get our customers the biggest bang for the buck! When companies need fast insight and quick turn-around, they call on us!

There are four major areas within our analytics consulting practice.

  1. Assessment and Benchmarking: to help calibrate where you are at and accordingly lay out an analytics road-map to success
  2. Strategic Consulting: is all about solving your current pain with the best data-driven solution, from road-map, strategy to building models.
  3. Build the Analytics Team: is about building a COE for your organization.
  4. Ask the Expert: is for anything else you would like to pick our expert's brains for

Aryng Team
Analytics professionals with demonstrated $ impact

Aryng is a unique partnership of analytics professionals, with decades of experience in Fortune 100 companies, conducting analytics, building and managing Business Intelligence and Analytics teams, delivering cumulative results in the $100s of millions.

Piyanka Pic
Piyanka Jain,
President & CEO

Piyanka has 10+ years of analytics and entrepreneurial experience with cumulative business impact of $120m+. Before founding Aryng, she was the "Head of Business Analytics" at PayPal - NA. She is also a regular Keynoter and Speaker at Business and Analytics conferences. Full profile»


Troy Seguin, Consulting Manager at InterRel Consulting, attended both Hands-on Business Analytics Training and Predictive Analytics Training. He found the workshops fantastic as it not only delivered industry proven structured approach to analytics but also provided stake holder tools to drive impact in the organization.

Danial H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

Our Clients

Past client logos: Google, eBay, PayPal, Citi, USAA, Microsoft, Apple, EA, SAP, Staples, IBM ...


We believe in the power of Analytics, we can help

- Business Professionals make better Data driven Business Decisions.

- Data Professionals make better Business Driven Data Decisions

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