Level 1 - "Data to Decision"™ Intro series
DTD 102: "Business Impact through Analytics" Online Course

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Who is this workshop for?

Marketing and Sales Professional

Are you in the sales and marketing function and want to maximize ROI by increasing effectiveness of your marketing campaign, lower cost of customer acquisition and do more with less? If so, then this workshop is ideal starting point for you.

Product Managers

As a product manager, are you asking the 5 most important question that will put you on the steady path for discovering breakthrough insights from your data that will maximize

  1. Customer Traffic
  2. Conversion to Sale
  3. Transaction Value

If you answered "No", then this workshop is ideal for you to understand how to leverage your data towards optimizing your ROI.


Are you an executive managing an organization/department and wanting to compete on analytics? Have you made multi-millions dollar investments in state-of-the-art tools to start capturing Big Data, but still not seeing any impact of that investment on your top line? Do you wants the company trained and competent to make “better data driven decisions” as part of the entire company’s daily work flow? Then, this workshop is the best 1-day investment you can make to start getting the bang for your “data investment” buck.

BI Professionals/ Data Analysts

Are you the keeper and provider of data in your organization? Would you like to deliver more than just the data to your internal/external clients? This workshop is a perfect starting point to deliver insights and make a tangible impact through your work while doing less, as you learn efficient analytics.

Data Scientist

Are you an analytics professional with years of experience building dashboards, models and churning out amazing insights from data but see your hard work go to waste as organization fail to act on the insights you produce? This workshop is a great primer for seasoned professional like you for upgrading your influencing, communication and persuasion skills as we know analytics is more than just technical skills! In this workshop you will learn a structured approach to analytics to bring your stakeholders with you, so when you are ready with your insights, they are ready to act on it to create the impact your work deserves!


Today all leading organizations are rapidly gaining power by leveraging information to gain insights and drive the business. Business analytics delivers actionable insights – new interpretations and evaluations of business performance based on data and statistical methods. Predictive analytics on the other hand provide customer level behavior prediction to enable businesses like yours to deliver more relevant content to customers, improve response rate, improve retention and overall profitability of the company.


This Online training is designed especially for business professionals (Marketing and Product Managers), looking to leverage analytics for smarter decision making and Analysts, looking to increase the impact of their work. We make the complex world of Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Test-and-learn approachable for business professionals and the complex world of influencing and decision making accessible to Analyst for smarter decision in any organization using data.

Online Course Content (5 modules, 5 hours of lectures and exercises)
  1. Introduction to the Analytics landscape (30 minutes)
  2. Statistics 101 - Aggregate Analysis and Correlation Analysis (30 minutes)
  3. Winery Case- Overview of BADIR™ Analysis Framework ( 60 minutes + Exercise)
  4. Introduction to Predictive Analytics (90 minutes)
  5. Test and Learn (A/B testing) (40 minutes + Exercise)
  6. Competing on Analytics - 3 Key Question to Ask (40 minutes)


Key Take Aways
  1. Understanding of Analytics Landscape: Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  2. Comfort in fundamental statistics: Aggregate Analysis – Averages, Variance, Standard Deviation, Z-score, Error and Statistical Significance. Correlation Analysis
  3. Learn how to drive decisions based on data using a proven 5-step BADIR framework from data to decisions.
  4. Learn to turn mounds on insights into impact through influencing, alignment building and proper communication and presentation of information.
  5. Learn how to compete on Analytics by putting analytics into business context.
  6. Overview of Predictive Analytics and Test-and-Learn (A/B Testing)


Fee: $499



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FEE - $499

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Aryng Level 1 class can be taken separately or as part of, Aryng Level 1 and Level 2 package to complete your education on Business Analytics.

Subsequently, you can take Aryng Level 3 class to learn Testing hands-on. All three levels can also be taken as a package to complete your hands-on training on Business Analytics and Testing.

During the Workshop


Attendees are asked to come with their laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel or equivalent software for exercises.

Attendees Receive

DTD 102 certificate

  1. An official Certificate of Completion (at the conclusion of the training) with your name and instructor signature delivered to your email.

  2. Unlimited access for 3 months: Go back, pause, take notes, as many time as you like for 3 months.
  3. FREE - monthly 1 hour DTD 102 discussion - live on phone, with senior Aryng trainers, for 3 months. Details will be sent to you once you have completed the course

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Daniel H. Kim, Senior Vice President at a large Investment Bank, attended Aryng's Predictive Analytics Training and found the experience phenomenal!  

Carol T, Senior Marketing Consultant attended Aryng's DTD 102 - Level 1 training and DTD 20X - Level 2 training and found the "BADIR" Business Process / Analytical Framework most important to do her job effectively  

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DTD 102 Instructors

Piyanka Pic
Piyanka Jain,
President & CEO

Piyanka has 15 years of analytics and entrepreneurial experience with cumulative business impact of $120m+. Before founding Aryng, she was the "Head of Business Analytics" at PayPal - NA. She is also a regular Keynote Speaker at Business and Analytics conferences. Full profile»

Mukul Pic
Mukul Patki,
Senior Trainer

Mukul has 10+ years of Analytics experience with leadership roles at PayPal, Knowledge Based Systems, and IBM TJ Watson Research Center. Mukul has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on quality and applied statistics.

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